Image Consulting. That is something that you would just love to do. Love. To spice up your look, get some consultation about your wardrobe and get someone to choose a bunch of new clothes that looks great on you. The only problem is – you have no time. No time for anything.



But still, you wake up in the morning and you just don’t have anything to wear. Your professional look is anything but. Your appearance doesn’t often say what you want it to say. So again, that image consulting comes to mind. But - how? Or better yet – when?



The luxury of having your own stylist no matter where you are!


What if we say – whenever you want? Distance or having lack of time is no longer an excuse for not investing in your image. Nina Vidmar Image Consulting provided a solution for everybody with hectic schedules, people who live abroad or just anyone who want to first see before they try – Video Stream Image Consultations from your own home!


Using technology to your own advantage, you can now just sit back, turn on your camera and relax. That’s right – relax. Nina Vidmar Image Consulting is team of experts who have proven experience and numerous of reputable clients with Nina Vidmar in charge. Nina Vidmar is a fashion designer by training, that later upgraded her skills at The Blackford Center in London and became an image consultant and stylist that help men, women, businesses and organizations in all areas of general appearance, fashion and styling. Nina and her team are specialized in business appearance as the most of our clients are business people so we put an extra effort into creating polished business presence and help business owners establish an image they want to portray.


Skype image consulting


For Video Stream Image Consultations the only things you need are a stabile internet connection and video camera. You schedule appointment at your own convenience. You can schedule one by e-mail ( info@ninavidmar.com) (we suggest Skype for the best experience) and we start off our conversation about the style you have and the one we think it would best reflect your personality. This introduction gives us the understanding of what the client wants and what your needs are. Our team will also give you insights on new trends and introduce you to the world of styling.


Image consulting personalized feedback, photos, looks & notes


After the first session you will receive an email containing personalized feedback, photos of suggested looks and notes of the overall counseling, which can later be used as guidelines. You can even plan ahead by sending us photos of desired looks or the clothes you have and the things you need. As we said, Video Stream Image Consultations are great for business people who have fast schedules but also for people who need help in deciding which style they want to present.


In Video Stream Image Consultations Nina Vidmar always starts by looking at your body figure and figuring out how to enhance your best features. After that, we together determine which style, color and fabric best suit your personality, occupation and lifestyle.


Image consulting can change your life - step by step!


Image Consulting, however, is not done quickly. If you have been unsatisfied with your look for some time or this is your first image consulting session, it will take time to change your habits and create a transformation. And this is not the alternation that will change just how you look – image consulting will change your life! That’s why Nina Vidmar Image Consulting recommends at least 3 sessions that will show you things you need to alter. They can be done day by day, all at once or at any other schedule that is best for you. However, 3 hours is our maximum per day, as you will need time to think about facts that we present. Consultations are charged by the hour and besides 3 hours per day limit you can plan as many consultations as you need.

After you are done with first step - style consulting, Nina Vidmar Image Consulting recommends taking other two important steps of image consulting: Wardrobe Assessment and Personal Shopping. Important tip: it is best to combine all three parts of image consulting services together as this is the way you will get the best results. Style consulting first gives us the understanding of what the clients want and what your needs are; wardrobe assessment then let us get insights to your wardrobe and your style, and finally personal shopping will teach you how to choose clothes that will flatter your shape and reflect your best characteristics. All this can be done at your own time and convenience and you don’t even have to leave comfort of your home!

Wardrobe assessment - let us get insights to your wardrobe and your present style. This can also be done through live video stream and it implies looking at your current wardrobe and outfits and understanding your taste, choices and adjustments that can be made. Wardrobe assessment through camera can be quite challenging. However, wardrobe assessment will be done with a help of a professional and you will realize that this is a fun experience and feel so much better after it! In this segment, you will get rid of some unnecessary things but we will also together create new fresh looks from the wardrobe you already own. Nina Vidmar Image Consulting will also give you tips how to better organize your closet so you’ll have everything under control and always be able to find what you need.

Finally, personal shopping teaches you how to choose clothes that will flatter your body shape and reflect your best characteristics. This can also be done through Video Stream Image Consultations, and it includes selecting individual items for your desired look and suggesting list of things you need to get. You will also learn that you don’t actually need a lot of clothes, only the basic pieces that you will know how to combine in the best possible way.


Imediate half an hour video image consultations


Besides regular Video Stream Image Consultations, we also offer Immediate Video Image Consultations that last half an hour. These urgent consultations are done so you can get a feedback in real time: when you have some special occasion, you can call our team and you will get instant answer on your look. You can even split time and get before and after session in which you ask about advice on what to wear and then later we discuss this choice together. The follow up consultation will just check the results of our work together because by this time you will be able to choose what is best for you.

This half-hour immediate session has special rate and it is scheduled only if you need information on what to wear now. In this way you can consult us about the important events such as interview you may have, business lunch, official happening etc.

Besides this, in all our Video Stream Image Consultations we will discuss not just the clothes – you will get tips how to improve your hairstyle, which accessories to wear, how to select glass frames best for your face shape, which makeup goes with your skin tone etc. We can also discuss about the brand you want to create for your company and cover all the questions you may have. And being a top class stylist, Nina Vidmar can show you how to overcome obstacles and learn the skills in order to have a perfect wardrobe and be happy with your style.


Video stream image consulting as a gift


Video Stream Image Consultations are also a great way to give someone a gift of an image makeover. That’s why Nina Vidmar Image Consulting provided gift vouchers for all of your friends, relatives and colleagues who may need to refresh their look or need a new start or transformation.

Through personal styling advice, wardrobe organization, personal shopping and styling, Nina Vidmar Image Consulting is working with people in all fields of designing and improving their business and personal image. In addition to personal style consultations and personal shopping, Nina Vidmar works with a range of brands in various projects: styling for television advertisements, contributing to newspapers articles and talk shows, guests at events as a stylist and fashion consultant, advising companies on personal identity of employees etc.

And with Video Stream Image Consultations you will learn tricks that will make you look taller, thinner or just overall better looking. In this way you will appear more responsible, authoritative and leave great impression. Our only goal is to maximize your full potential and in the world of modern technology, this is very easy - your personalized Image Consulting is just a Video call away from you!

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