The Artist

Nina Vidmar Bloom de Gemme was created by award-winning artist Nina Vidmar to celebrate the beauty of all women. Revelling in the fantasy of nature, honouring the spirit of femininity with colourful gemstones, precious diamonds and high karat gold. Nina’s magnificent, some of them as one-of pieces sing with a pure vision of unbounded beauty. Her lyrical bespoke jewellery, inspired by flora and fauna of the natural landscape, exists to connect the miracle of nature with the strength and spirit of women. Nature’s riches are a symbolic source of inspiration for her, a dream to treasure, now captured and preserved in glistening jewels.
Bloom de Gemme woman is unique. She is astonishing and bold but poignant and pure, like a rare wildflower. She is difficult to find and impossible to forget. Unconventional and spontaneous, she doesn’t obey the rules. She is daring and enigmatic yet tranquil and serene, she embodies a perfect balance of opposites, aligned with the force of femininity.
Nina Vidmar’s work passionately embraces the techniques of ancient craftsmanship. Each piece is precisely crafted with accuracy under the hands of highly skilled master jewellers. Wearing Bloom de Gemme creations makes every woman even more beautiful and unique. Let us introduce you to our exquisite inspirations of nature; the essence of elegance, an ornament of romance which never withers but blossoms for eternity.

I work with a unique mix of talented jewellers and unrivalled goldsmiths and together we capture the essence of the natural world in magical pieces that can be treasured for a lifetime.
Nina Vidmar


The Illuminated Garden

Just as a magnificent, fragrant blossom seduces a honeybee in flight, pieces from the “Illuminated Garden” are envisioned to seduce the senses. Inspired by the ethereal beauty of nature and the inner glow of individually chosen gemstones, every single masterpiece is designed as a three-dimensional sculpture of breathtaking opulence. Unrivalled in brilliant color, uncompromising quality and innovative design, Nina Vidmar’s modern interpretations of nature’s florae seamlessly transition from day-to-night. Indulgent and perhaps, to some degree, deliciously decadent, the eternal beauty of our bejewelled blossoms dazzle for eternity.

Indulge in the exquisiteness of a flower forever in bloom; brought to life by Nina Vidmar Bloom de Gemme.

Bouquet of the Princess Ring
Bouquet of the Princess Ring

With a dazzling bouquet of multihued exotic blooms, this seductive and majestic ring is inspired by the story of a famous princess’s breathtaking encounter at the Taj Mahal.

Bouquet of the Princess Ring

While visiting the Taj Mahal, an eminently famous princess was presented with a dazzling bouquet. The breathtaking spray of multi-hued exotic blooms took her breath away. When she looked up, facing her stood the most handsome man she had ever seen. Before she could thank him, he was gone. Florae, like chance encounters, are fleeting. Diamonds and precious gemstones last a lifetime.
18K rose gold in a combination of 18K white gold hydrangea petals with blue sapphire centres encircle a vibrant jewelled cupola. Three shades of pink and blue sapphires surrounded by pavé diamonds form the dome of this rare and seductive ring.

Award-winning design, Bouquet Ring – “The design of the Hortensia Bouquet floral gemstone ring represents the contemporary design aesthetics combined with the ancient technology of the lost-wax process. Crafting a classic expression of diamonds and precious gemstones, the Hortensia Bouquet ring is formed of 18K rose and white gold hydrangea petals with blue sapphire centres, which encircle a vibrant jewelled cupola. Shades of pink and blue sapphires surrounded with diamonds form the dome of this statement ring. A blend of hand-chosen gems and time-honoured craftsmanship.”

  • Blue sapphires, shades of pink sapphires and diamonds
  • Total gemstone weight: 3,14 ct
  • Ring weight: 25,7 gram
  • 18K white gold, 18K rose gold
An Emperor’s Love Ring
An Emperor’s Love Ring

Luxurious and opulent, this magnificent ring with a glorious pink tourmaline center stone, diamonds and rubies, illuminates the Japanese legend of a heartbroken Emperor’s forbidden love.

An Emperor’s Love Ring
An ancient Japanese legend tells the story of a heartbroken Emperor presenting a magnificent bouquet of hydrangeas, grown in the Imperial garden, to a young lady of humble means who he was forbidden to marry. This rare and magnificent ring celebrates a happier narrative. Embraced in a diamond setting, the 10.58 carat pink tourmaline center stone is seemingly lit from within with a glorious brilliance. The bouquet consists of 18K white gold and 18K rose gold petals with glowing rubies as centres. A sumptuous story, told in gemstones.

Award-winning design, An Emperor’s Love Ring – “The design of the Emperors Love floral gemstone ring represents the contemporary design aesthetics combined with the ancient technology of the lost wax process. Crafting a classic expression of diamonds and gemstones, the Emperors Love ring is formed of 18K white and rose gold hydrangea petals with ruby centres embraced in a diamond setting, the gorgeous 10.58ct pink tourmaline centre stone is seemingly lit from within with brilliance. A sumptuous story told in gemstones.”

• Pink tourmaline 10.58 ct, diamonds 0.35 ct, rubies 0.53 ct
• Total gemstone weight: 11.46 ct
• Ring weight: 19.88 gram
• 18K white gold, 18K rose gold

La Prima Ballerina Ring
La Prima Ballerina Ring

A sumptuous bouquet of gemstones cradles radiant 8 carat pink sapphire, breathing magic into this magnificent ring, inspired by a majestic gift to the Swan Lake Prima Ballerina.

La Prima Ballerina Ring
Following her poignant finale act as Odette in Swan Lake, the Prima Ballerina steps forward to accept the thunderous applause. She is overcome with multitudes of flowers, brought on stage; expressions of gratitude from her adoring fans. From the gallery above, a diminutive, sparkling bouquet drifts slowly downward. She looks up, catches it and the eyes of the Crown Prince. As she glances down into the exquisite spray of perfect blooms, she realises she is looking at a magnificent ring, embedded into the tiny bouquet, it’s centre stone a radiant rubellite. A heartfelt appreciation of the arts. Lush, golden, 18K rose and white gold flowers elevate an opulent, sumptuous bouquet of gemstones. Sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, amethysts and tourmalines breathe magic into this magnificent ring. The centre stone, a breathtaking 2,71ct oval rubellite tourmaline.

• Weight: 39,87 gram
• Stone weight: 6,3ct
• Rubellite tourmaline, yellow sapphires, amethysts, pink tourmalines, emeralds, diamonds.

Ruby Wishes Earrings
Ruby Wishes Earrings

These fabulous earrings with an intricately fashioned flower bouquet are more than just a statement piece. They enclose folklore of wish-fulfilling enchanted rubies growing on a Redwood tree.

Ruby Wishes Earrings
On the edge of memory in the enchanted land of dreams, there grew a primitive Redwood tree. This tree was the only one of its kind, for, you see, instead of leaves and buds, precious gemstones grew on the tree. Diamonds, sapphires, amethysts and tourmalines all flourished on every limb. The most precious gems of all were the rubies. Ancient folklore recounted that if one plucked a brilliant ruby off the tree, wrapped it in gossamer woven by forest sprites and placed it under their pillow, all of their wishes come true. With 1,80 carat of diamonds, 6,06 carat of rubies and 0,30 carat of sapphires, 59 intricately fashioned rose gold hydrangea blossoms and a magnificent ruby encrusted hortensia flowers, your wish truly has come true.

• Rubies 6,06 ct, Diamonds 1,80 ct, Sapphires 0.15 ct
• Gemstone weight: 8,16 ct
• Earrings weight: 53,8 g / 26,9 g per piece
• 18K rose gold

Versatile as well as spellbinding in its’ beauty the Ruby Wishes Earrings were designed to be adaptable and complement your spectacular wardrobe.

Ruby Wishes Petite Earrings
Ruby Wishes Petite Earrings

As part of the Ruby Wishes collections, these imposing elegant ruby flowers earrings may be of modest size but still create a spellbinding explosion of beauty and prestige.

Ruby Wishes Petite Earrings
An imposing elegant pair of petite ruby flower earrings, perfect for every occasion. This mesmerizing flower shaped creation features princess centre stone with complementary rubies and sapphires scattered over flower petals.

• Rubies 1,43 ct, Sapphires 0,30 ct
• Total stone weight: 1,73 ct
• Earrings weight: 10 g / 5 g per piece
• 18K rose gold

Ruby Wishes Pendant
Ruby Wishes Pendant

Another piece of the Ruby Wishes collection, this extravagant hortensia flower pendant is perfect to charm with beauty and sumptuous enchanted vibes from the Redwood tree.

Ruby Wishes Pendant
A dazzling statement pendant, ready to make all your wishes come true. The Ruby Wishes Pendant is a luscious extravaganza of 18K rose gold hortensia flower motif, complemented by princess ruby center and stunning rubies and sapphires on petals. It comes ready to wear on a sleek rose gold chain.

• Rubies 0,71 ct, Sapphires 0,15 ct
• Weight: 5 g
• Stone weight: 0,86 ct
• 18K rose gold

Unique Creations

A world of nature’s beauty, uniquely yours.

Organic silhouettes of flora and fauna envisioned with passion through our exclusive creation of one-of-a-kind jewels. Enter the magnificent world of Nina Vidmar Bloom de Gemme, bejewelled innovations of haute jewellery.

Behind the jewellery

Centuries old tradition:

From vision to masterpiece. What begins as a fabulous idea matures in the hands of skilled craftsmen and embarks on a long creative journey. The centuries old tradition of crafting high jewellery with wax sculpted designs highlights every magnificent detail.

What begins as a dream always finishes as a statement piece in the hands of master jewellers. The centuries old tradition of crafting high jewellery starts with a feeling that is transformed into sketch. From there the design is sculpted into wax. Skilled craftsmen and gem setters replicate perfect wax molds into glimmering realities with a handpicked selection of refined metals and precious gemstones. Searching for the inspiring stone can take weeks or months before any one of our pieces begins their creative journey.
Lost-wax casting

The art of lost-wax casting is an ancient method of fine jewellery fabrication which dates back over 6000 years. Our master artisans follow the traditional method using soft wax materials, which allow reproducing the delicate designs to the finest details.

Also called cire-perdue, little has changed of the intricate technique, with our master artisans following the same painstaking procedure as their ancestors.  An original sculpture of the custom piece of jewellery is sculpted using a soft wax material. Once the sculpture is perfected, the wax is melted and a metal mold is produced, replicating to the finest details the delicate jewellery design. 18-karat gold is poured into the mold and then the meticulous process of finishing, polishing and perfecting the gold is completed before hand assembling the individually chosen gemstones. The entire detailed process is a true labor of love and the dedication of an accomplished artisan.